Olympus 35DC - Olympus - 1970 (?)

Very special camera from Olympus. It only works in automatic exposure and with pre set combinations of speed and aperture ! The gauge visible in the viewfinder goes from 1/15 at f1.7 (lowest light condition) to 1/500 at f16 (highest light condition). It locks on underexposure. You can lock the exposure of part of your scene with a half way pressure on the shutter release and then frame and shoot. Yes, you just point and shoot. But you will never get 1/500 at f1.7 for instance.
With a 6 elements Zuiko f 1.7 lens the image quality is just excelent. Why such a nice lens in a camera with no manual or flexible automatic exposure ? Because in normal life you don't need it.
The hot shoe alows the usage of flash in a particular way also: you tell the camera what is the guide nunber of your flash unit and, as you focus your subject, the aperture is set according to the distance ! This is just great !
The only negative point is that it uses the old mercury batteries 625 1.35 V, but there are substitutions at 1.4V already in the market. Find in this   link   a very nice site about Olympus.

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