Pentacon Six TL

After hesitating a lot I decided to go for this reflex in medium format. The reasons are kind of ridiculous today but the true is that I wanted to be able to take pictures bigger than 135 film, without ground glass, using other lenses than normal and being able to control focus precisely and quickly. The hesitation came from the numerous sites talking about advance film problems and overall poor quality of this camera. After purchasing first impression: compared to what I am used to, this one is quite good.It is easy for hand-held in low speeds, I don't bother with the no returning mirror, lenses are sharp (but my Flektogon shows lots of flare with city lights). I had once an overlapping problem due to advance but I remember quite well that I left the advance lever return loose and all sites said that it is a fatal mistake to make. Ever since I paid more attention and so far so good.(I shot only four 120 films).
For more information about Pentacons: try The Pentacon System by Tra

The wide angle Flektogon 50mm f4.

The tele Sonnar 180mm f2.8 .

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