Deckrullo-Nettel 13 x 18 by Contessa-Nettel - Stuttgart

The Deckrullos were produced by Contessa-Nettel from 1926 to 1938 in Stuttgart. With sizes ranging from 4,5 x 6 cm to 13 x 18cm like this one. In this period Contessa Nettel was already a division of Zeiss Ikon. The shutter goes from 1/2 up to 1/2800 and it can be cocked without uncovering the film. That was an advantage compared to marketing standards at that time. The name Deckrullo means exactly "covering roller-blind". Later on in 1932, Contax cameras were launched with improvements but using the same basic shutter design as this feature is a must have for a 35 mm.

As a press camera it was intended to use with the wireframe viewfinder although it has ground glass as well. This camera I bought in Ebay. It is fully functional but the lens board, where the front wire frame is attached, was not original and not nice either. I made this one in wood and one day I will adapt a new wireframe. The lens is a Tessar 1:4,5 f=18 cm.

Here you can have an idea about the controls:

With A you select different speed brackets that appear in different scales in F where you set one of them by turning the black ring. By turning C you cock the shutter that is released with D or E.

The fucus system is also special. Each time the bellows is extended A slides to find and engage in C. Then, by actuating in B, it is possible to work the scissor making the lens board move forward or inward. It is important to remember, before closing the camera, to press a small button that disengages A and C, otherwise the little piece that "clicks in" will get jammed. There were many marks in the scale and I was not sure about reading them so I made a new one in paper using geometry and optics law. Funny enough: it works.

This is a film holder that came with the camera. It holds up to 12 glass plates. Uncharged the camera + film holder weights 4 kg. With 12 glass plates... maybe 5 kg? it was just fine as a versatile instrument for journalists in the twenties.

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